From Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Spa’s and Restaurants to Airlines and special award recipients.

The SSLWLA covers all aspects of luxury Winter Lifestyle. The winners and the nominees of the SSLWLA represent the pinnacle luxury hospitality and lifestyle


SSLWLA is the world’s firs awards program dedicated to luxury winter lifestyle and hospitality. Winners are assured the highest level of networking as well as maxim benefit and exposure.

Voting for the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards takes place online.

SSLWLA implements the same revolutionary voting system as its sister company The Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards.

This unique and transparent system allows each nominee to view crucial information as it happens.

Nominees who sign up for the Voting Dashboard and “claim” their company will have access to;

Current standing within the competition

Location where each vote originates from

Number of votes from each location

Total number of Votes

The Luxury Panel

The Luxury Panel of the Seven Stars Winter Lifestyle Awards consists of high profile, well-travelled, affluent leaders and experts from within the Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle industry.

Luxury Panel members are tasked with selecting and approving nominees.

How Does It Work

How does it Work

There are 2 kinds of Awards issued by the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards.

Voted for Awards

Voted for awards consist of numerous nominees placed under their respective country and “sector” such as Hotels & Resorts sector, SPA sector etc.

Nominees are selected directly by the luxury panel of the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards.

Once the nominees are approved they are placed in their relevant sector for the duration of the voting period.

A process of Self Nomination is also available to applicants however, all self-nomination applications are also subject to approval by the Luxury Panel.

Shared across social Media Channels of:

  • Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards
  • The International Hospitality Hall of Fame
  • Luxepitality
  • Seven Star Magazine

SV Hotels and Resorts

Special Awards are issued directly by the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards organization.

A limited amount of special awards are issued each year.

Special Awards carry a specific name for a specific aspect of the property or product.

Special Awards are unique which means only one property worldwide can be the recipient of a particular special award.

Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards reach


  • 52k Page views Monthly
  • 9.4k average Individual monthly users
  • 56k registered Voters
  • 21k subscribers
  • 74k+ Database of Industry professionals, Nominees and Winners

151k +

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