When does the voting begin?

Voting will begin October 2018

When will Voting Shut?

January 15th 2019.

When is the deadline for self nomination?

The Deadline for Self Nomination is October 20th 2018.

The Luxury Panel can nominate properties at any time if they feel the property is of the correct standard.

Out of each country, how many properties will receive the award?

If there are 7 nominees in a country or under( in an individual sector), only 1 will receive the award ( the one with most votes)

If there are 8 nominations, or over, the Top 3 will receive the award ( in an individual sector)

Certain Exceptions apply.

Where can one vote?

Voting for Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards takes place online on www.sevenstarwinterawards.com. Each nominated property may advertise the fact they are nominated and use the Silver nomination Crest on any marketing initiative they wish in order to attract votes.

Each Nominee has a customised panel from which they will be able to monitor the Voting as it happens.

Each nominee will be able to view all the votes for each nominee, however, they will only see the name of their property and not the others.

Who can vote?

Both the public as well as the Trade ( travel agents tour operators etc) can vote for their chosen property.

Each individual may vote once per country per sector

How does one vote?

Simply go on the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards website and click on nominations.

Once you are on the Nominations page, select the country and sector where the property you wish to vote for is located.

Once you have located the desired nominee, click on “Vote” and follow the instructions.

Is there a fee to be nominated?

There are no fees for Self Nomination

There are no fees for nominees



Please submit a self nomination ONLY if you truly feel your property is worthy of this exclusive award and stands up to the competition. Please ensure you provide your company email address , direct line and mobile in your message as well as your position.

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