Each winner confirming their attendance to the Official Gala Ceremony of the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards confirms their acceptance of the following terms & conditions.
  1. The SIgnum Virtutis winners plaque collected at the official SSLWLA  Gala Ceremony belongs to SSLWLA  until at least one of the below terms 2, 3 and 4 have been completed. Once completed the Signum Virtutis plaque will officially belong to the winning property or product. If at least one of terms 2,3 and 4 is not fulfilled, SSLWLA  reserves the right to withdraw the plaque and the winner in question agrees to promptly send it back via courier at their own expense.
  2. To publish a press release regarding the win within a maximum period of 2 weeks post the official SSLWLA  Gala ceremony.
  3. To display the winners crest on homepage or in designated area of the company website
  4. To promote the win on social media channels using at least 1 of the       following hashtags #SSLWLA  #signumvirtutis #realaward
  5. the above terms do not apply if a company has received the Signum Virtutis plaque via way of purchase and was not in attendance at the Gala Ceremony.
Luxury Panel Members:
Luxury Panel Members of the Seven Stars Luxury Winter Lifestyle Awards (SSLWLA) are not employees of Seven Star magazine Ltd or the SSLWLA in any way or form. Luxury Panel Members of the SSLWLA are not entitled to remuneration of any sort from the SSLWLA and/or Seven Star Magzine Ltd . Luxury Panel Members of the SSLWLA appear on the www.sevenstarwinterawards.com website out of their own free will and have granted the management of  Seven Star Magazine Ltd consent to place their image and biography online as well as in print.

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